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Adding AC to your Indianapolis home doesn’t have to difficult or expensive, it can be as simple as adding a Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump to your home. Ductless Air Conditioning is the simple and easy way to get true home comfort this summer.

Ductless Mini Splits can be added to just about any home, even if there isn’t duct work. Ductless Cooling is truly the modern way to beat the heat and a ductless system will help you save money, save energy and increase home comfort.

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What is Ductless Air Conditioning Ductless air conditioning is an HVAC system that is flexible and scalable in design. Homeowners can choose to cool one room, an area of the home or the entire house. Unlike central air conditioning it does not require ductwork and vents throughout the house. Instead, cool air travels through tubing and into units mounted on walls throughout the home. Ductless systems are modern in design, offer the highest efficiencies and can be installed just about anywhere.

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Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning: Ductless AC is gaining popularity in the Indianapolis area. Ductless Mini Split owners have the highest level of satisfaction of any product in the HVAC industry. The good news is that when you Go Ductless, you’ll enjoy many modern features, increase your home comfort and save money. Here ae just a few reason in consider Going Ductless:

  • Save BIG money on your utility bills because Ductless AC offers some of the highest efficiencies which will save money on your utility bills. Some homeowner report savings of up to 50%!
  • You may even qualify for rebates and incentives. These are just a few of the reasons why Ductless makes people so happy!
  • Adding Air Conditioning is easy. Because a Ductless Heat Pump (also referred to as a Ductless Mini Split) does not require ducts, so they are easy to install.
  • Save Energy and avoid the energy losses associated with the ductwork of central forced air systems. Duct losses can account for more than 30% of energy consumption for space conditioning, especially if the ducts are in an unconditioned space such as an attic.
  • Safer than window air conditioners. Ductless Mini Split systems can help keep your home safer, because there is only a small hole in the wall.
  • Ultra-Quiet in operation. Through-the-wall and window-mounted room air conditioners are loud, clunky and can provide easy access for intruders. Ductless AC is ‘whisper quiet’ you’ll barely know it’s there.

A ductless system provides super high efficiencies, many units are ENERGY STAR® rated, so keeping cool this summer won’t break the bank.  We’ll help you find out if you qualify for rebates and incentives.

Do you have an older home that does not have ductwork?
No problem. The Ductless System is the modern approach for any home and a perfect choice for older and historic homes without ductwork. Their small size and flexible nature allow them to be added easily to most homes.  Our experts will help you find the right unit for you home and ensure a proper installation.

Do you have hot spots in your home? If you’re like most home owners you probably have that problem room that is chronically just too hot or too cold.  You could use a window air conditioner or space heater but there is a better solution when you need to spot cool a room or section of your home OR you need multi-room.

Do you have problems sleeping in the summer? Ductless Air Conditioning is the perfect addition for Master Bedrooms.  The problem is that in many homes the Master Bedroom is upstairs or too far away from the Central Air Conditioner which can make it difficult to stay comfortably while you sleep. Ductless Systems are ultra- quiet so they won’t keep you up when the AC “kicks” on or off.  Additionally, you can program your AC unit for maximum comfort.

Are you converting a garage, attic or basement to living space? This is the perfect solution for a Ductless Mini Split, rather than extending your duct work and adding a burden to your existing furnace or AC, simply add a ductless heat pump.  One unit both heats and cools so you’ll enjoy year round comfort.

Ready for Zone-to-Zone Comfort?  Zonal Heating and Cooling is easier with Ductless.  One of the many advantages of the mini splits is their flexibility for zoning. Daikin models can have as many as 8 indoor air-handling units connected to one outdoor unit. Each “zone” has its own thermostat, allowing you to decide how to heat or cool individual rooms at will.

Instead of cranking your thermostat up or down to reach every area of your home, a ductless system is be set up in zones. Zoned systems provide families with almost unlimited, customizable options that allow them to keep their houses open year-round, without throwing money out the window.

Adding Air Conditioning is Easy with Ductless. Need it fast? No problem! A ductless heat pump can be installed in one day!  Consider a Ductless Mini Split when you have one of these situations:

  • Any time you want to Add Air Conditioning
  • Converting an attic, garage or basement into living space
  • You have hot or cold spots in your home
  • You want to save money on your utility bills
  • You’re planning on a remodeling project
  • You are starting a home addition
  • You want to save money and increase home comfort

Why Daikin? We chose Daikin because of their outstanding warranty, high efficiencies and their broad product selection. You can rely on our experience as the leading Ductless HVAC Contractor in Indianapolis. We’ll guide you through a step by step process to match the right product for your home, ensure proper product placement and a professional installation.  Download Mini Split Brochure

Hire a contractor with credentials!  The most important decision is to hire a professional Ductless HVAC contractor. Ductless systems require specific training and certification so turn to a qualified contractor. Our team of ductless experts have been trained and certified so you can be sure to get advice you can rely on.

Ductless Air Conditioning FAQ:

Is Ductless Air Conditioning New?

Although it may be a new concept to you, Ductless Systems have been used throughout the rest of the world as the way to both heat and cool a home. They’ve been around for over 30 years and are quickly becoming the preferred way to add air condition to a home.

Does a Ductless System help with Indoor Air Quality?

Absolutely. Ductless Air Conditioning has many benefits including providing better Indoor Air to breathe. If you have someone in your home with asthma or allergies a ductless system may help.  Ductless systems do not rely on forcing air through ductwork, which is a known place for allergens to accumulate, it also has advance air filtration that helps with indoor air.

Are there rebates or incentives for Ductless AC?

Because of their high efficiencies, many utility companies offer tax incentives or rebates. The benefit of Going Ductless is that you save on utility bills, you don’t lose heating or cooling through your ductwork and you may qualify for rebates.

Adding AC to your Indianapolis home does not have to be difficult.  Let It Be Easy! Find out how Ductless Air Conditioning can add value to your home. Get A FREE consultation today.  Call Today: 317-454-7412.

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