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“Ductless Heat Pump owners have the highest level of satisfaction of any heating and cooling product in the HVAC industry.”

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Just One Unit Does It All!

Ductless heat pumps are gaining popularity in Indianapolis and all across Indiana…and with good reason! Homeowners that choose ductless heat pumps have the highest satisfaction rate of any other product in the heating and cooling industry. Our customers tell us time and time again how satisfied they are with their new ductless heating and cooling system. 

Tired of High Energy Bills?

If you are tired of high heating bills and want cleaner, fresher home air, then you’ll want to go ductless.  Ductless heat pump technology is a proven technology that has been around for over 20 years.  You’ll save money, use less energy and enjoy a higher level of comfort.

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DAIKIN – Daikin, the global leader in ductless technology beats the competition hands down. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. When you choose a Daikin Ductless System, you’ll enjoy the highest efficiencies, the best product offering and the best warranty in the business.

When is it a good time to Go Ductless?  Just about any home can benefit from adding a Ductless Heating and Ductless Cooling system. Some people choose ductless because they want AC, while others are looking to upgrade an old furnace or Air Conditioner to a super high efficiency ductless heat pump. There are many reasons to go ductless. Following are some common applications:

Add Air Conditioning:  Adding AC to any home is easy with a Ductless Mini Split. A ductless system does not require duct work so it’s perfect for older homes without duct work. It’s also perfect for to solve hot spots. AC can be added to one room or the whole house.

When you need to heat and cool one room:  Most homes have that annoying area of the home that just gets too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Hot and Cold spots are one of the biggest comfort issues for home owners. A ductless system will heat and cool that room or area and save you the cost of adding expensive ducting to new parts of your home.

Remodeling or home additions: No time consuming and expensive duct work is required – a ductless hat pump will both heat and cool your new addition and is quick and easy to install.

Replacing or update your heating and cooling system: Ductless heat pumps are a great replacement for outdated methods of heating like electric baseboard heaters, cadet heaters, wall units, woodstove and pellet stoves. If your system is more than 10 years old it’s worth looking at replacing it with a super high efficient Daikin ductless system.

When you want zoned heating and cooling: A Ductless Mini Split systems can be installed to provide zoned heating and cooling a home.  Each unit provides for the specific heating and cooling needs of one room or “zone”.

Anyone interested in Indoor Air Quality: When you go ductless, you are off to a good start as a ductless system is not forcing air through dirty duct work. Ductless offers a cleaner solution as the air is delivered directly to your living environment.

Condos and townhomes: Condos are perfect candidates for a ductless system. Quiet, compact outdoor units can fit easily on terrace or patio spaces.

New construction: New homes can be designed or adapted to take advantage of the characteristics of ductless heat pumps. Typically one or more system might be installed in various “zones” of the house to simplify installation.

Are there rebates and incentives for Heat Pumps?  We won’t drop the ball after the install. We’ll help you understand if your Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump qualifies for rebates and incentives.

Our people are our greatest asset.  At Bone Dry Heating and Cooling, our techs are a cut above the rest. Nobody else in the industry compares.  We won’t every send an inexperienced tech disguised as an expert to your home. We won’t ever sell you something you don’t need or try and upsell you something to meet a quota.

What will we do?  We only send our tried and true, top notch and trained experts to visit you.  We show up on time, give you an honest, expert opinion. We back everything up with our first class service department that has seen just about everything.


Is Indianapolis a good area for a ductless heat pump?

Yes, Indianapolis is an ideal area for a ductless mini split heat pump installation. Daikin offers a broad range of products including extended temperature models which make going ductless in Indiana a popular choice.

Why choose a ductless heat pump?

There a many reasons to ‘go ductless’ in Indianapolis.  A ductless mini split offers extremely efficient operation, quiet operation, provides both heating and cooling and is very simple to install. Also, many local and regional rebates are available making it a superb choice for many home owners.

What size ductless heat pump should I choose?

With the Daikin Ductless Heating and Cooling system, you are not tied down to a one-size fits all system. There is great flexibility when it comes to system sizing because systems are available for a single zone, multi zone or the whole house. One outdoor unit can handle up to 8 indoor heads so the system is flexible and scalable.

Are there financing options for a new heat pump?

Yes, we can help with a number of financing options that may be available to you. Many home owners choose one of our financing options as an easy way to pay for their new Ductless System.

Find out if Ductless is right for you.

Find out how Ductless can add value to your Indianapolis home.  We’ll show you how you can save money, save energy and increase your home comfort.  Our NATE certified and trained staff will treat you right. Get a quote, Ask An Expert or CALL NOW: 317-454-7412.

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, we cover the entire Indy metropolitan area including: Carmel, Fishers, Castleton, Noblesville, Westfield, Whitestown, Brownsburg, Lebanon, Avon, Plainfield, Speedway, Broadripple, Decatur, Moorseville, Franklin, Southport, Greenwood, Bargersville, Beech Grove, Lawrence, and surrounding communities.

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